Protect your Family and Floors!

People have house shoes.
Pets have booties.
Now walking equipment has KIC.

KIC is about YOU!

Leave grass & dirt outdoors

Enjoy walking outdoors. When coming inside, take off the shoes, put KIC on the walking aids. With smooth or textured material covering wheels or posts, KIC works on carpet or smooth floor finishes. KIC goes on easy with velcro and elastic. AND the wheels go round and round.

Protect family and floors

Those whose culture removes shoes and multigenerational families don’t need to be concerned with walking equipment bringing in YUKIE stuff., Babies put everything in reach in their mouths; KIC is another layer of protection. Homeowners don’t need to use KIC to benefit from it. Be the host that hands KIC out at the door. Protect your floors. Protect your family, have your guest get their KIC ON!

KIC- what it is. Why you need it.

KIC is an accessory for crutches, canes, chairs, and walkers that acts like booties. Outdoors, rain, mud, animal droppings, chemicals, and allergens are attached to your equipment. Please don’t bring it indoors!  The temporary or permanent use of walking aids should not hinder your peace of mind; Covid made clean important. KIC keeps it simple with colorful covers that may brighten your mood.