About Us

Lemmel Brown, Inventor of KIC

Lemmel (Mello) Brown

KIC Inventor

Why KIC ?

As Baby boomers age, and the Millennials claim their spot as the largest population ages, living arrangements are changing. Multi-generational families are becoming common. There are grandparents with walking equipment while babies are crawling on the floor.

Orthopedic doctors and the Medical Equipment industry serve a widely varied population. Some permanent some temporarily, and don’t discount the discerning homeowner. KIC offers an easily adaptable addition to your assisted walking needs that helps protects your family from OUTdoor contaminates.

KIC Mission Statement

Our mission is to give you peace of mind and supply an easy to use convenient product. It is about your floors, your indoor space, knowing you have done a little bit more.

Offering help keeping your personal space free from contaminates by covering walking equipment. Upon entry you may offer your guest KIC shoes, or comply with your host as everyone takes their shoes off, you can  Get Your KIC on!

An excellent new way to take a small step for your home environment. 

KIC – The Idea

The Idea for KIC covers filled a need after inventor Lemmell Brown had 2 complete knee replacements. KIC is 100% Woman and Minority owned.

Lemmell grew up in Tacoma WA. where the rain-soaked area encourages “taking off shoes when indoors” .Preventing mud (in abundance in the Pacific NW), cut grass, snow and germs from tracking indoors.  Contaminates are contained in a reusable cup on the bottom of the cane.  KIC seemed  the next natural step in home protection. 

People have house shoes, pets have booties, now walking equipment has KIC. This  offered an  opportunity to share this unique idea.  Protection, for your family and floors.

 It’s her way to give back.

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